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StillMarillion are the definitive tribute to Fish era Marillion. Formed in 2008 from a love of the early Marillion material which is seldom performed by Marillion or Fish these days, they set out to capture the atmosphere of those Eighties gigs, when the band was fronted by the charismatic Scottish vocalist. StillMarillion shows are more a homage than a gimmicky tribute, as the band give precedence to music and performance, rather than painted faces and elaborate costume changes.

Hailing from Scotland, StillMarillion are fronted by Martin Jakubski, an extremely talented vocalist in his own right. Martin is also the vocalist for Marillion’s guitar legend Steve Rothery’s solo band and has toured all over Europe and the UK with Steve. There can be no greater stamp of approval of his vocal credentials than from Steve himself.

The rest of the band is comprised of top class experienced musicians who have played with many well known and respected bands such as Scottish prog legends Abel Ganz, original Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di’Anno and top Iron Maiden tribute Maiden Scotland. They accurately recreate the intricate sounds of the Fish era material with consummate professionalism.

StillMarillion have been actively touring all over the UK over the last eight years, playing to increasingly sold out venues. Over the last year, they have begun to venture further afield, playing extremely successful shows in Germany and Holland. Consequently, the band is now widely considered to be the premier option for live performances of Fish era Marillion.

Featuring all the hit singles such as Kayleigh, Lavender and Sugar Mice, StillMarillion also regularly showcase classic album tracks and B sides in their live sets, ensuring even the most ardent fans are kept happy. A formidable live band in their own right, whether you are the biggest Marillion fan or a more casual observer, their musicianship and live performance never fails to impress.

Martin - Vocals   Mark - Guitar   Stephen - Keyboards
Martin - Vocals   Mark - Guitar   Stuart - Keyboards
  Barrie - Bass   Kevin - Drums  
  Barrie - Bass   Big Mark - Drums  

I won't wear your white feather...

photos courtesy of Luke Harman