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Scripted In Edinburgh

Script for a Jester's Tear StillMarillion in their own 10th anniversary year, return to Edinburgh for a special early era Marillion set, celebrating the 35th anniversary of Script for a Jester's Tear.

Quotation markStillMarillion are the most well known and established tribute to the Fish era of progressive rock band Marillion. StillMarillion focus on the first four classic Fish era albums and other b-sides and rarities from the time.

Coming from Scotland, like Fish, StillMarillion are fronted by Martin Jakubski, an extraordinary vocalist in his own right. Martin also sings with original Marillion guitar player Steve Rothery in his solo band. There can be no better stamp of approval for Martin's vocal performances than being involved with Steve Rothery himself.

StillMarillion have been actively touring the UK and Europe since 2008. They are now seen as the the premier option for live performances of Fish era Marillion. The rest of the bands musical credentials are extremely high with members who have appeared in many well known original and cover acts such as Scottish prog rockers Abel Ganz, Maiden Scotland and original Iron Maiden singer Paul Dianno.

Featuring the hits such as Kayleigh, Lavender and Sugar Mice but also showcasing classic album and b-side tracks there is enough to keep everyone happy. StillMarillion are a formidable live band in their own right and whether you are the biggest Marillion fan or a more casual observer, their musicianship and live performance never fails to impress.

For tickets to this special gig click here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Scripted In Edinburgh