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The perfect Script for a step back in time…

Stillmarillion @ Audio Glasgow, 29 March 2019

I have become something of a connoisseur of tribute bands of late, having started my journey with a Who tribute back in 2008 and, I have to say, I was dragged along kicking and screaming to that one, such a purist was I at that time.

Stillmarillion @ Audio Glasgow, 29 March 2019

Fast forward eleven years, and last Friday night I found myself standing in front of a Marillion tribute band, StillMarillion, at Audio in Glasgow.

Marillion were a huge part of my life in the 1980s, a more unusual and exciting band I had never encountered and never will again. I have spent my life loving prog, but when I was a teenager I didn’t know what prog was, I just knew I loved that sound and, in particular, that voice, the voice of Fish. Yes, this tribute band focusses only on Fish-era Marillion. This was music to my ears because, as much as I love all the musicians in Marillion, the four albums with Fish represent an important shapshot of time in my life, my teenage years, a time when my first boyfriend bought me Fugazi and joined me on that journey, a journey we still share.

Stillmarillion @ Audio Glasgow, 29 March 2019

Audio is a small, cavernous venue with a lot of atmosphere, not a lot of space but great acoustics. The combination of that atmosphere and sound and the talent of StillMarillion was just breathtaking for me. The musicians knew every note, and delivered every nuance of Marillion with a level of attention to detail that devotees of Marillion and all tribute bands look for and demand. It was obvious that they all loved Marillion and that made a huge difference to the delivery. Tribute bands are under so much pressure to sound like their heroes, a pressure the original bands will never appreciate. They already sound like themselves, they don’t need to try!

From start to finish the evening was perfect, a breathtaking homage to a great love of mine. From the beautiful and atmospheric Script for a Jester’s Tear to the raucous Garden Party/Market Square Heroes ending, I loved every minute of it and so did everyone around me. The Glasgow chorus never missed a single beat or line, which was so amusing to me because, as we know, Marillion didn’t write simple songs. Every single song has about a million lyrics!

Stillmarillion @ Audio Glasgow, 29 March 2019

Thank you StillMarillion for taking me back in time to that place of safety, familiarity and love for a few hours. I hope your success grows as much as you deserve.

Review by Michaela. Reproduced by kind permission. To visit Michaela's website click here.

Photos courtesy of Gordon Fleming

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Stillmarillion @ Audio Glasgow, 29 March 2019